Stereo Love

Little Temple.
4519 Santa Monica Blvd, Silverlake Ca. 90029

Welcome to MikeCheck's site

MikeCheck's expansive collection of music encompasses a wide variety of styles: Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, Breaks, Old School Soul, Salsa, Reggae,  House and more.  He has shared turntables with DJ Jedi, A-Ski, Al Jackson, Monalisa and Garth Trinadad just to name a few.

His vast knowledge and obvious passion for music surface as he spins.  DJ MikeCheck 's turntablist style keeps you on the dance floor hardly giving you enough time for a breather.  Constantly searching for opportunities to hone his skills, his work ethic and seamless dance sets are catapulting him to the top.